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Damaged Inner Core

     The inner power core was damaged.  Lack of careful maintenance had led to a breakdown, and now the consequences had to be faced.  Either the unit could limp along at a greatly reduced speed and possibly fail altogether or a complete overhaul was in order.

     That previous sci-fi approach to our Christian walk refers to many individuals who say they are Christians.  They are walking wounded.  Sadly, instead of ruling and reigning with Christ, even while still on this earth, they are virtually immobilized by dark forces and hurting so much they can barely take care of themselves.

     What is the solution?  As was already stated, a complete overhaul is in order, and that entails several steps depending on the needs of the individual.  Here is a partial list:

1) Read and memorize the World of God, the Bible.  I am not talking about a five-minute devotional but extended time reading and studying the Bible.  Find memorize and proclaim Bible verses such as the following day after day after day: “God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.”

2) Find and connect to Christian media like Christian books, Christian television, Christian music, etc.

3) Locate and attend a local church or Bible study where the full Gospel is welcomed.  Without those kind of connections the power source of out lives, the Holy Spirit, will never be released and used to overcome problems. 

4) For some deliverance is in order.  There may be rooms in our soul that have never been cleaned out.  Unforgiveness, resentment, soul ties, etc. can only be overcome through the blood of Jesus, the cross of Jesus and the name of Jesus.  Only someone has had experience in this area will be able to release the captives from bondages that are holding them in chains.


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