Eternity In Their Hearts

Recently, my father passed away.  Thankfully, I saw him in the hospital shortly before this happened.  While my younger brother was out asking the nurse a question, I brought up the subject of stepping off into eternity.  With a calm voice my dad said, “I am not afraid to die.”  There was no doubt in my mind that my dad was being truthful in his response, but how could he be so certain of his eternal future?  Let’s wait a moment to answer that question.

There’s a little boy that is related to me who woke up one morning and announced, “I had a dream last night of Jesus on a bridge, and he said that he is coming back soon.”  A few days later he again told his mother, “Don’t worry, Jesus is coming back soon with his angels.”  Little boys that young simply don’t make up such things.  Therefore, it must have happened just like he said.

Here’s one more example of the reality of eternity.  Quite a few years ago I was serving in the evangelism committee of a local church with an older lady.  She later became very ill and was close to death.  She was at home, where she wanted to be, with her children who later related this event to me.  Just before she died she was unconscious but suddenly sat up and began singing a hymn as if she was singing with a heavenly choir.  Then she passed away.

The reason my father could be so certain of his eternal future was because he had put his trust in a Savior.  Both the little boy and the older lady point us to Jesus as that Savior, not to a religious system, a denomination or a church.  Only Jesus can give us that certainty like my father had of where he will go when he dies.  If you would like to make sure you are headed to heaven, then ask Jesus to come into your heart, forgive you of your sins and be Lord of your life.


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