Play To Your Strengths

Many of us spend too much time focusing on our weaknesses rather than playing to our strengths. I am not suggesting that we totally ignore the areas where we are prone to falter or fall. We certainly need to keep ourselves covered in prayer in those areas and continue to pray “Lead us not into temptation” and “Deliver us from evil”. What I am suggesting is that our God-given gifting, our talents, should consume the majority of our time and energy. Developing our strengths to their maximum potential will do more to expand God’s kingdom than any other activity. We were created for a purpose, and as one well-known missionary from history said, “I feel God’s pleasure when I run.” Do you feel God’s pleasure when you run the race God created you to run? I am not saying everything we are called to do is enjoyable. Some tasks can be tough to accomplish, but we can count on God to give us the grace to perform them. However, if we are finding little or no pleasure in our work, perhaps, it is time to set new priorities and bring our lives into alignment for our assignment.


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