Redig The Old Wells

     Connecting to the positive part of our past is sadly lacking in much of the West.  Recognizing and acknowledging that which is good in our history will go far in reordering our priorities and refocusing on what is most important.

     In the Old Testament in the Bible Isaac redug the wells of his forefathers.  The process of reaching those old sources of water brought opposition, but he persevered and won great blessings in the end.

     Water is, of course, necessary for life but can also symbolize spiritual food.  Connecting to our Christian heritage can bring spiritual life when we acknowledge our need for God.  Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are wonderful opportunities to honor our Creator.  The underlying meaning of Christmas, for example, that God sent his son to earth to save it from its sins ought to be clear to all involved in such familial events.  Redigging those old wells can revive lives and bring blessings just as it did for Isaac and for those who settled here before us.


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